A couple of weeks ago at the scorpion hike we met a friend of Adams from Australia. Adam met him there while going to school and they forged a very nice friendship. Well Rossy was in town and stopped to visit his old friend. That is to say that while Rossy was on his way around the world he stopped by to visit. Interesting adventure story; Rossy will work his butt off for a time then pack his things back up on his Suzuki DR650, don his trusty Akruba and set off down the road. Visiting old friends and making new ones.

Rossy’s world wide motorcycle journey began in Chile. It was hard for me to get my arms around that I was speaking to someone that rode a motorcycle from the southern tip of South America to San Tan Mountain Regional Park; but I was! We’ve made a link to his blog Akubra Around The World on our Friends Links to the right. There you will find his blog, photos and you can even get live updates on where he’s been and where he is at from his Live Location Updating Map (SPOT GPS).

And if you were ever curious what the readout looks like at the Equator, here you go!

The hat at the top is Rossy’s Akubra before the journey. Presumably there will be an updated photo when it’s all said and done. Can’t wait to see that!